Temmy Ola

Being a typical worry wart that I am, I was really stressed out about my wedding cake. I wanted something really, really nice… almost surreal… to reflect my wedding theme and my personality. These guys are the real deal! They handled my wedding cake so perfectly. The first time I saw it, I couldn’t stop watching with my face aglow, plus a feeling of warmth and pride sweeping through my whole being. Saying I was impressed is an understatement.

George Cohen

These bakers are the real deal! I just couldn’t get enough of their sweet treats, and when I bought the sweet basket selection for my children, they kept hinting on how much they would love it again for Christmas! Nice food and very tasty… I’ll surely recommend for anyone that has sweet cravings while still being health conscious… like me.

Ivy Carrigan

I wanted to indulge in some guilty pleasures so I decided to give myself a treat at Phipps desserts, and then I discovered that it wasn’t so guilty, as I soon discovered that they use natural ingredients without preservatives or additives. My first course was to taste one of the delectable cupcakes and I was stuck!

It was so good, fluffy and nice to the touch, plus they have different gorgeous cake designs which I wouldn’t miss for my birthday! With specialty treats and wedding cakes that are simply every bride’s dream, Phipps deserts is where you get to satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling guilty about it.