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tartTarts from Phipps

Jen Chan
So I ran my cousin’s Wii to the Purolator, and conveniently, there’s the Phipps on the way home. Since the Purolator is about a 5 minute drive from my house, this was even closer!

I decided to make a 20 minute dessert tour of the Leslie Street units. Stopped by Pastry House and Geri’s Good Eats as well. From Phipps, I got the chocolate pecan and the regular butter tart. So. Yummy.

tartRecommendations for a great Lemon Cake?

I am ISO a great Lemon Cake in T.O. for a Birthday to feed about a dozen people (need not be huge…) Phipps is generally my go to…

Just wondering if anyone has any other recommendations? I am particularly interested in anything that combines Lemon and blueberry…

tartDowntown Butter tart from Richtree Natural Market

Here is a butter tart I stumbled upon while looking for a post-lunch treat. Richtree Natural Market is super-close to where I work. I usually go there for their cookies or cupcakes and was surprised to see butter tarts! How could I not have noticed this before?

After picking my jaw up off the floor, I quickly scanned their butter tart offerings. They had a plain butter tart and one with pecans and chocolate-drizzle on the top. One thing I noticed is they call their pecan butter tart a “Pecan Tart,” which made me wonder if this is actually a butter tart or another type of tart with pecans. I would soon find out…

I have been back a few times now for the same tart and they are consistently good. The crust is thinner than normal butter tarts, but feels solid to the bite. It is also not as rich/flaky or butter-tasting. The tart is slightly on the smaller side but is dense in its filling. The filling is moist but not runny and runs on the sweet and firm side. You definitely would get a hit of sugar-high when eating it. I am not quite sure the chocolate drizzle is necessary but it does add to the appearance of the tart. They are generous with their pecans, which is a plus.

My only complaint is that the tarts are chilled in a glass display case. This lets them keep their tarts for longer, I suppose, but the coldness slightly detracts from the taste. The tarts are also on the expensive side, coming to $3.67 with tax. I would say this tart is more of a sophisticated-type tart. It is not too messy to eat and more like a butter tart you might find at Starbucks, if they ever decide to carry them (hint hint). Also, the tart contains all natural ingredients, which is also a plus for those who are ingredient-conscious.

Overall, I would rate it 3.5 out of 5 – losing points for the coldness and price.

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Temmy Ola
Being a typical worry wart that I am, I was really stressed out about my wedding cake. I wanted something really, really nice… almost surreal… to reflect my wedding theme and my personality. These guys are the real deal! They handled my wedding cake so perfectly. The first time I saw it, I couldn’t stop watching with my face aglow, plus a feeling of warmth and pride sweeping through my whole being. Saying I was impressed is an understatement.

George Cohen
These bakers are the real deal! I just couldn’t get enough of their sweet treats, and when I bought the sweet basket selection for my children, they kept hinting on how much they would love it again for Christmas! Nice food and very tasty… I’ll surely recommend for anyone that has sweet cravings while still being health conscious… like me.

Ivy Carrigan
I wanted to indulge in some guilty pleasures so I decided to give myself a treat at Phipps desserts, and then I discovered that it wasn’t so guilty, as I soon discovered that they use natural ingredients without preservatives or additives. My first course was to taste one of the delectable cupcakes and I was stuck!

It was so good, fluffy and nice to the touch, plus they have different gorgeous cake designs which I wouldn’t miss for my birthday! With specialty treats and wedding cakes that are simply every bride’s dream, Phipps deserts is where you get to satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling guilty about it.

Judith and Brian

We have been thinking for a long time on writing this letter to you to give you a BIG THANKS to you and to your bakers.
Our wedding was beautiful!!!!!

That was of course thanks to the nice details we wanted to have but also, thanks to your contribution making our wedding cake. Brian and I want to tell you we had so many compliments from many of our guest and of course, we recommended you to all of them. You were some example of excellence in service and we appreciated your great input and (the fabulous log) enormously.

The cake was so pretty and the taste delicious.
We want to share some of our pictures with you, be assured this won’t be the last time that we order from you, we will be very happy to see you in the New Year.
Have a wonderful Christmas and the greatest 2015.
Best wishes to all of you,
Judith and Brian

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yelpSammy Cookie

The cookies here are so good! I ordered the Sammy Cookie and an Oatmeal Cookie. Both were incredible.

The Sammy Cookie is a chewy cookie with peanuts, Belgian chocolate, raisins, and coconut. I’m usually not a fan of coconut, but decided to give it a try. It was simply the most perfect combination of ingredients and flavors! And the texture was out of this world. It did get a bit too sweet in the end, but the sugar crash is worth it.

The Oatmeal Cookie was even better. I’m usually not an oatmeal cookie fan, but my dad ordered it so I took a bite…and ended up finishing the whole thing…oops! Not sure if they put crack in here, but I seriously could not stop eating it.

Only complaint was that it was a bit overpriced, but that’s expected when you come to a touristy place like this.

homestarYummy baked stuff

Charlie from North York

I am addicted to their Sammy cookies, the best! Next fav is their carrot cake – it has oranges in it and loads of cream cheese icing. The coffee toffee brownies are my Sunday morning treat.

Thompson diner


Tweet of Trisha Marie

“THE BEST chocolate cake I’ve ever had. @Thompson Toronto #delish #ilovechocolate”
– Trisha Marie

Object of Devour: Phipps Christmas by Elle Canada

The Christmas basket from Toronto’s Phipps Desserts.

The Christmas basket from Toronto’s Phipps Desserts.

I don’t really know where to begin with this gift basket. Shall I open by extolling the virtues of the melt-in-your-mouth chocolate shortbread? Or perhaps I’ll list the many virtues of the raw sugar-topped gingerbread, beginning with the way it smells (and tastes) of Christmas morning? No, I should definitely start with the chewy-gooey mini-brownies (they made a certain ELLE Canada staffer’s baby leap with delight!).

Made with fresh Ontario local eggs and butter, and free of nasty things like high-fructose corn syrup, this sampling of handmade sweet treats from Phipps Desserts in Toronto will make the perfect present for anyone with a pulse. Not pictured is their black-bottom pecan pie, which is also offensively fantastic.

If you want to find out how to send someone the most scrumptious gift ever (or wow guests with your miraculous new “baking” skills) check them out at, or at their store (1875 Leslie St, Toronto).

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